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The X-Sight 4K INT Day and Night hunting rifle scope camera offers quality HD Night Vision Mode, higher resolution and faster optics that allow for a faster image to form on the new HD Display. With the WiFi feature of ATNs Smart HD Optics, you can see on your smartphone or electronic device what the user of the day and night vision scope X-Sight 4K INT sees in real-time. In addition, by utilizing the ATN Obsidian app, you can control your night vision Scope and adjust the settings. ATNs seamless smooth zoom helps you get up close and personal with everything you are looking at. No more wishing you could have run down to the field for a closer look. Intuitive User Interface will help you to easily switch to Night Vision Mode - choose either classic green or grayscale and pierce through the darkness and see vivid, crisp images even on the blackest of nights. Not only our Day and Night vision Rifle Scope has Smart Rangefinder but also a function of Recoil Activated Video which gives you a freedom of not thinking about press the record button before each kill shot. Ultra HD Sensor Record Full HD Video with 120fps Day & Night Modes WiFi Dual Stream Video Recoil Activated Video (RAV) One Shot Zero Profile Manager Smart Range Finder Dual Core Processor Share on Social Media Bluetooth Ultra Low Power Consumption (18+hrs Use) Smooth Zoom Electronic Compass 

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