PS15 Night Vision Goggles


ATN's PS15 night vision goggles are one of the highest performing, most innovative, and easiest to use night vision goggle devices ever made. The PS15's high performance lies in its most innovative feature: dual lenses, and dual image intensifier tubes. The dual lenses and dual image intensifier tubes provide a previously unheard-of level of accuracy and depth perception, allowing what would have been impossible with other goggles of a single lens design, such as reading a map in total darkness, or comprehending pictures or text in total darkness. What helps this device function in completely dark environments is its built in infra-red illuminator, which allows the device to see even when no ambient light may exist. Despite the high level of performance that the PS15s deliver, they are still designed to be easy to operate and to be consumer friendly, That's why they are designed with a simple one knob control system, so that whether you need to make an adjustment at home, or whether you need to make an adjustment in the middle of a firefight, ATN's PS15 will be easy to control. Automatic Brightness Control 1x magnification Waterproof One-knob operation Depth Perception 1 x 3V(CR123A) or 1x 1.5V(AA type) Hands-free usage Comfortable flip-up headgear 

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