$10.99 USD

2-Person Emergency Survival Camping Shelter Tube Tent Waterproof Prepper (Made in U.S.A)


The BRW Tube Tent is essential for any bugout bag or emergency kit. The ultralight material folds up into a small package to easily fit into a pack or car trunk. It includes everything you need to quickly erect an emergency shelter. Just run a rope between trees or other structures, and you have a highly visible temporary structure.


  • Providing a quick and easy setup this tent can be ready to go within seconds
  • This Tube tent is water and windproof survival shelter built to handle extreme rains, winds, snow, and freezing temperatures
  • The functionality of this survival tarp shelter is limitless. It can be a mat that won’t soak up the moist dirt, portable sleeping bag.
  • Wrap it around your gear keeping it dry when an unexpected storm passes through. 
  • It Fits 2 people comfortably
  • Made of waterproof polyethylene

Made in USA