$30.00 USD

Military Survival Saw with extra Spyral blade

Spare Blade Included

This is the most advantageous saw to have in your backpack.

  • U.S. National Stock Number (NSN) 5110-00-570-6896
  • This product was an item in the Marine Corps Survival Kit
  • Tempered Steel Blade cuts wood, plastic, light metals and mild steel
  • Heavy duty replaceable end fittings:
    • steel rings will hold over 500 lbs
    • one end can be used to turn thumbscrew on the opposite end for removal/replacement of blade
    • Cut away allows removal of broken blade end
  • Spare 20" blade included.
  • Packaged in sealed Kraft bubble pack envelope.
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with MIL-S-9964/A-A-58046
  • Testing includes cutting of wood, plexiglass and stainless steel by one blade randomly selected out of every 300 produced. No failure allowed.
  • Used in USMC Individual Survival Kit, NSN 1680-01-325-7861

100% made in U.S.A